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Has your computer or tablet been infected with a Virus

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Virus removal


Years of experience tackling many types of Viruses manually have given us the edge on Virus removal. This is also due in part to programming knowledge and experience. There are many viruses we have been able to deal with while avoiding the process of completely wiping the system and reinstalling again. This makes our methods more cost effective and your system, settings and files remain intact. Many are dealt with on-site or off-site if they are particularly tricky ones. The most dangerous and worst viruses are dealt with by wiping and reinstalling the system back to factory settings, but we ensure your data is backed up and recovered providing the virus has not damaged the files.

Help with the right security


PC Help has years of experience with different Internet Security programs. There are lots out there and the performance and functionality changes from time to time. What might be the top performer one year, might not be so good the next! Rest assured PC Help keeps as up to date as possible and can give you the best advice on which product to use and also assist in setting this up for you. Many people are not aware or don't understand how to, but it's really important to remove your old security before adding a new one, as this causes problems otherwise.

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