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Slow Computer

Sluggish Windows & Apple Mac computer running slowly with

high memory usage or computer not responding?

Suffering from a slow computer?


If your computer is very slow with not responding applications, high memory usage or virtual memory low messages and appears to be running on steam or out of steam - then it's usually a good sign that it's overdue for a clean up and performance / health check. Call Jon today on 07910 158445 to arrange a visit to help fix your computer speed issues and  improve the performance. It is a false economy for the user to assume removing your documents and photos will solve the problem as they are dormant in the computer so only have an impact when you actually open and view or edit them.

Why is my computer running slow


This can be for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can be a demanding Internet Security program running on an older computer which can't cope, On other occasions too many computer programs running in the background may be causing the computer to overwork.  In extreme cases it can be a sign that the computers Hard Drive is failing and a data backup should be undertaken immediately to avoid losing everything. The most common cause though is not enough System RAM / Memory available for the increase in software and updates over time.

Speeding up your slow computer


Often it can be improved dramatically by simply increasing the System Ram / Memory of the computer. It is also worth assessing the background programs and applications running to see if any are required as removing some can help.

Is it cost effective to speed up my slow computer or should I buy a new one?


If your computer has enough technical power to take advantage of a Memory upgrade and clean up then yes it is worth doing. Sometimes it may be just the technological age of your computer and not too much can be improved. This is because over time the demands of ever improving software and updates require more computing power. If this is the case you will be advised accordingly at the start. You can then decide whether you want us to go ahead anyway and improve your computer speed as much as is possible.


If you decide a new computer is more cost effective we can help advise what specification to go for and revisit once you have the new computer if required to assist in setting it up for you. We can  transfer all your Documents, Photos and Music onto your new computer during the setup.

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