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tailored to your requirements!

Finding it frusting trying to use your Windows PC, Apple Mac or Tablet computer?

Finding it very difficult to understand all the jargon?

Still not able to understand after buying a beginners guide book?

Feeling left out in the cold with no instructions as to how to use your computer or tablet?

Thinking you'd like to try a computer or tablet for the first time, but are afraid of taking the next step?

Interested in learning something new?

Let an experienced, friendly, trustworthy and very patient PC HELP Technician teach you in the comfort of your own home and give you the confidence to use your computer successfully at long last!

Most people who don't have very much experience in using a computer tend to have the same fears - "I'm worried about breaking it...", "It's too complicated...", "I'm too old to learn..." etc. These tend to give the inexperienced or elderly a lack of confidence in taking that first step, or trying new things. It's surprising how, with the right teaching methods, this barrier can be broken down quickly giving the inexperienced, elderly or first timer the basic knowledge they need to start understanding how computers work, making progress and using a computer on their own with confidence. Most importantly though, once this is achieved they start to get something back which makes a real difference!

For the inexperienced, elderly or first timer, learning to use a computer is not as hard as it may seem. It's just that most teaching methods and some books can make it difficult to understand by not explaining the jargon clearly. It can also be tricky to remember long term and quickly forgotten. Also, many people learn quicker using specific techniques. This is why PC Help focuses on teaching you what you want to learn on your computer and tailoring it to your learning style, teaching the most important features that will give you a stable building block to work confidently on you computer and on your own.

Young or old, it doesn't matter what age you are

it's never too late to learn!

If you don't have a computer and are interested to try a one for the first time without committing to buying one of your own first - we provide an excellent first time course and we bring a computer to you! This is a great way for you to have a go on a computer for the first time and get some introductory tuition before you decide to go out and buy your own or not. We can do one-off single or multiple sessions, you decide! Ideal to book as a taster, or as a gift for a family member. We can also provide additional support / setup if you decide to go ahead and buy your first computer.

Learn what you want to learn!


First time computer / tablet introduction (computer not required as we can provide)

Basic introduction to computers

Emails, sending attachments, Photos etc

Surfing the Internet, shopping online etc

Word processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations

Backing up your documents to CD or Memory Stick

Copying Photos and Printing

Photo editing

Using a Memory Stick

Maps and route planning

Using online Family tree websites

Using Facebook and Twitter

Buying and selling on Ebay

Website creation (basic or advanced)

Making your own music

Getting the most from i-Tunes

Using a tablet or iPad

Basic computer games design and programming


And much more, you decide!


Start learning now!


* Computer not required as we can provide *

* Single one-off session or as many as you like *

* Tuition & training tailored to your learning speed *

* Ideal for the inexperienced, beginner or moderate user *

* Computer tuition provided by a qualified, experienced tutor *

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