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Computer Health Check

Have you had your Windows or Apple Mac Computer

Health Checked within the last 12 months?

Yearly Computer Health Check


It's worth calling PC Help to give your Windows PC or Apple Mac computer or laptop a health check once a year to ensure it is optimised to perform at it's best. Unwanted programs that updates can bring in will overload and overwork your computer shortening the hard drives lifespan while forcing your computer's processor to work on instructions otherwise not needed creating slowdown.


Also, quite often browser plug-ins and software can creep into your computer while surfing the net without you realising it and sometimes user install a reputable program, but can unintentionally install unwanted programs and Apps hidden within the small print of installers. Again a PC help Health Check will also remove anything unwanted and can often assist in speeding up your computer too.

What checks are performed and how long does it take?


PC Help checks for Viruses, and check that your security is doing its job and is up to date to ensure it is performing correctly. We do a clean up and check for performance and remove any unwanted programs or Apps that are not required as well as optimising the overall computer to the best it can perform. Health checks are approx 1 hour. For a computer that having it's first health check this can take longer depending on the tasks that need to be performed. Speed and performance improvements depend on the age and specification of the system.

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